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Nama Norman Rizkyono
Nim #########
Alamat #########
Kelahiran 1988
Tgl. Lulus 10-03-2010
Tgl. Wisuda 10-04-2010
Bidang Ilmu Kesehatan Masyarakat
SKS 148.00
IPK 3.41
Pembimbing.I Indriati Paskarini, S.H., M.Kes
Tugas Akhir Perilaku Pemakaian Alat Pelindung Mata Pada Pekerja Las Karbit
Abstrak Oxy-acetylene welders are at high risk of developing eye injuries. One way of protecting eye injuries is wearing eye protectors. There are 3 factors affecting the wearing of eye protectors i.e. predisposing, enabling, reinforcing factors.
The objectives of this research were to study the behavioral factors of the wearing eye protectors and to identify the potential hazard associated with the welding process. This was an observational study with cross-sectional approach. The number of samples was 124 welders employed in 37 workshops in Tambaksari Sub-district, Surabaya. Data were obtained by means of questionnaire and a check-list. The collected data were analyzed descriptively and to analyze the correlation between variables, Spearman’s rho correlation and Contingency Coefficient were used.
The results of this study, showed that the majority of welders aged > 40 years (57,3%), level of education elementary school (56,5%), length of employment ≤ 10 years (58,1%) and married (79%). The potential hazard found in the workshop originating from the welding process and work environment. Most of the welders didn’t wear eye protectors (61,3%), had poor attitude (57,3%) and lack of knowledge (69,4%) on eye protector. Most of them had experienced eye disorders (77,4 %). The majority of the owners of workshops didn’t provide eye protector (78,38%) and didn’t require workers to wear eye protectors (94,6 %). Most of the co-workers didn’t support the wearing of eye protectors (69,4%). Knowledge (r = 0,744), attitude (r = 0,637), and availability of eye protector (r= 0,510) were significantly correlated with the wearing of eye protectors.
To protect welder’s eyes from disorder, it is recommended that. The owner of workshop have to provide the appropriate eye protectors and to minimize eye problems, work environment be improved.

Key words: behavior, eye protector, Oxy-acetylene welders
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