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Nama Adrianto Prasetyo Perbowo
Nim #########
Alamat #########
Kelahiran 1989
Tgl. Lulus 23-02-2011
Tgl. Wisuda 09-04-2011
Bidang Ilmu S1 Pendidikan Dokter
SKS 163.00
IPK 3.11
Pembimbing.I Heri Suroto, dr., Sp. OT
Pembimbing.II Lilik Herawati, dr., M. Kes.
Tugas Akhir
Abstrak In this experiment, we use tendons which has been preserved with three kinds of preservation, which is freeze-drying, fresh-freezing, and formalin submersion. From each preservation type 5 tendons were taken as samples. Every tendon was then measured for its dimension. The tendon then were fixated on one end and given force on the other end. The force and strain that was collected periodically were then made into a chart and used for the calculation of its Young’s Modulus. Independent-Sample T Test was then used to determine any significant difference for every group’s Young’s Modulus. This statistical test showed that there were great significant differences between tendons submerged in formalin and freeze-dried (p = 0.000) or fresh-frozen tendons (p = 0.000), but there were no significant difference between freeze-dried and fresh-frozen tendons (p = 0.318). This result might be caused by the differences that these preservation technique cause to the collagen of the tendons. This result shows that freeze-drying and fresh-freezing tendons for allografting does not make a significant difference in its biomechanical properties.
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