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Nama Ahmad Aiman Azhar
Nim #########
Alamat #########
Kelahiran 1989
Tgl. Lulus 23-02-2011
Tgl. Wisuda 09-04-2011
Bidang Ilmu S1 Pendidikan Dokter
SKS 163.00
IPK 3.12
Pembimbing.I Prof.Dr.Soedarto,DTM&H.PhD,Sp.ParK
Pembimbing.II dr. Machfudz,DTM&H,MS.
Tugas Akhir
Abstrak The very tall population Culex fatigans mosquitoes in Surabaya and the area of urban areas was one of the important factors in the spread filariasis the eradication of the mosquitoes larva in the waste channel of the city (the gutter) was difficult to be carried out used insecticide (expensive and polluted environment) and with the cleaning of the gutter that was flooded in part because of the low level of the awareness of the community in maintaining his environment. The Entomopathogenic Nematoda use was one of the biological methods of combatting Culex fatigans mosquitoes. The Nematoda worm that could combat insects (Entomopahogenic Nematoda-EPN) was made use of by his larva to combat the crop pest that lived in the land This research aimed at finding the worm larva of Entomopathogenic Nematoda (EPN) that lived in the land in Surabaya. Result of this research could give the benefit that is EPN that was found in the land could be used to combat the Culex fatigans larva (the vector filariasis). Methods: The research approach was carried out with the method quasi experimental (the appearance experiment) by means of tested direct agensia biological that was collected from the field by means of Observation and the experiment to get this EPN. Results of the research showed that Entomopathogenic Nematoda (EPN) was found from the Sample of the land that was taken from the coastal bank that his distance 5 metre from the coastal lip of Kenjeran Surabaya. From results of this research could be taken by the conclusion of the end that in the Surabaya city the larva and the mature worm of Entomopathogenic Nematoda (EPN) could be isolated or found in the area of the Kenjeran coastal coast. Suggested the research must be further carried out in the other area to research his land, both in the plain and in the plateau to know the population of Entomopathogenic Nematoda (EPN). The research preferably also was carried out, both in the dry season and the rainy season.
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