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Nim #########
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Kelahiran 1989
Tgl. Lulus 28-07-2011
Tgl. Wisuda 08-10-2011
Bidang Ilmu Kesehatan Masyarakat
SKS 148.00
IPK 3.11
Pembimbing.I Dr. Santi Martini, dr., M.Kes
Tugas Akhir Hubungan Kepatuhan Perawat dalam Pemasangan Infus dengan Kejadian Phlebitis (Studi di Rumah Sakit "X" Surabaya)
Abstrak Each hospital has a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), one of which is SOP infusion, with the aim to prevent phlebitis, but in fact there is a picture of incidence of phlebitis is still fluktuatif. This study aim was to determine the relationship of compliance in the infusion procedure with the incidence of chemical phlebitis. This study was an observational analytic study using a prospective cohort study approach with a sample size of 22 nurses. Independent variables (compliance infusion nurse in accordance SOP) and the independent variables (occurrence chemical phlebitis). Data collection was carried using the observation sheet or checklist and data was analyzed using chi-square statistical tests. Results from the study showed there was significant relationship between nurses compliance with the incidence of chemical phlebitis (p < 0.05). The value of RR was 7 (95% CI 1.025 to 47.814) which means the risk of chemical phlebitis incidence in incompliance group seven (7) times greater than the incidence of chemical phlebitis in the compliance group. From the observation was done from 22 samples taken contained clam phlebitis incidence by 8 (31.8%). Each group of chemical phlebitis cases occurred 7 (63.63%) and the control group occurred a chemical phlebitis (9.1%). This shows the difference in treatment outcome between cases and controls. The conclusions of this study is overall in the case group or the control is still lacking compliance in the implementation of patient identification, site assessment, hand hygiene, selection of size IV catheter, disinfect the area of insertion, and patient education.
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