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Nama Nichita Pratiwi
Nim #########
Alamat #########
Kelahiran 1989
Tgl. Lulus 04-08-2011
Tgl. Wisuda 08-10-2011
Bidang Ilmu Prostodonsia
SKS 118.00
IPK 3.26
Pembimbing.I Endang Kusdaryanti,drg.,M.Kes.
Tugas Akhir Pengaruh Waktu Sandblasting Terhadap Kekasaran Pembuatan Logam Co Balt Chronium.
Abstrak The Time Effect of Sandblasting To the Surface Roughness of cobalt – chromium metal Nichita Pratiwi Abstract Background: Using of metal frame work denture which is part of Removable Denture is increasing because of more profitable than using of acrylic resins denture, because it has many advantages that are does not absorb water, rigid, thin, has a small connector, and as conductor so that the circulation of blood because of one of procedure making fluent the oral cavity. Metal Frame Denture is process of sandblasting which is cleaning the investment materials after casting process and clean of the residual oxide which before elektropolishing. Until now sandblasting which done in laboratories never known how clean the investment materials and the residual of the missing oxide after sandblasting process yet. Purpose: The aim of this study is to determine the most appropriate time during sandblasting so that remaining oxide and investment material on the metal surface clean we metal. The sample of tablets use diameter 7 mm thick 2 mm. The number of samples one 24 tablets were divided into 4 groups which each group consists of 6 tablets. Each sample giving Sandblasting sample done on metal surfaces by using Al2O3 size 250 μm by the time 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes and a control group which did not do sandblasting. Conclusion: The treatment on metal surfaces in sandblasting which use Al2O3 250 μm and use 3 minute produced nothing oxide remains attached to the metal framework, so that will eliminate the investment material, expanding the surface, and eliminate sharp corners on the metal surface rather than using 1minute or 2 minute. In addition can make easy when fitting in model study and simplify while polishing.
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