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Nama Siti Nur Komariyah
Nim #########
Alamat #########
Kelahiran 1986
Tgl. Lulus 11-08-2011
Tgl. Wisuda 08-10-2011
Bidang Ilmu Sistem Informasi Akuntansi
SKS 69.00
IPK 3.59
Pembimbing.I Amalia Rizki, SE., M.Si., Ak
Tugas Akhir Sistem Pendukung Keputusan Untuk Menetukan Jumlah Tunjangan dan Insentif Karyawan (Studi Kasus Pada Jurusan Teknik Informatika ITS)
Abstrak The development of information more rapidly, and requires the development of innovative information technology. The online information system technology will help the operational activities of the organization gets a complete and accurate information in a relatively fast. Automation system in the implementation of educational administration at the agency is required. Users of information technology in operational systems administration Department of Information is expected to improve performance management. Department of Informatics utilize information technology in the absence of information systems. With the absence of information systems, data that was originally just an entrian plain paper, it could be developed into a database system that is more universal example in the provision of incentives. Information-based systems one form of implementation of the information needs of a fast, accurate and dynamic. One form of information systems are developed and implemented many decision support systems. Decision Support System used by decision makers in terms of determining the amount of benefits and employee incentives based on predetermined criteria. Rating System is a system or set of elements interconnected and mutually affect the value of an object. This study use qualitative approach with case study method. This research uses case study analysis, because this study aims to determine the relevance of the use of attendance data through the design of decision support system that is expected to yield useful information with the level of efficiency and effectiveness better. Research case study is used because it fits the purpose of research who wish to solve the problems associated with determining the value of employee benefits and incentives on the Department of Informatics ITS. The process of determining the value of employee benefits and incentives that still running manually by the finance section, with data obtained manually from the personnel it is less effective and efficient. Thus it can be proposed the provision of operational system development using the application of decision support systems in determining the value of employee benefits and incentives. There are creating a smooth operation in the process of granting allowances and incentives in the Department of Informatics ITS.
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