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Nama Roihatul Zahroh, S.Kep., Ns.
Nim #########
Alamat #########
Kelahiran 1978
Tgl. Lulus 06-07-2010
Tgl. Wisuda 31-07-2010
Bidang Ilmu IKD
SKS 43.00
IPK 3.79
Pembimbing.I Tjitra Wardani, dr, MS
Pembimbing.II Prof. Dr. Harjanto JM, dr, AIFM
Tugas Akhir

Effect of palm fruit extract (Phoenix dactylifera L)
On blood platelet count in heparin-induced thrombocytopenia male rats

A Laboratory Experimental Study

Palm fruit extract (Phoenix dactylifera L) is one of the traditional fruits known to be usable for alternative increase platelet. However, it has not been proven experimentally. This study was aimed to find the effect of boiled palm fruit extract (Phoenix dactylifera L) on the increase of blood platelet count in rats rendered to be thrombocytopenia by the induction with heparin.
This was an experimental study aimed to identify the possible causal relationship by providing treatment to experiment group and compared the latter with control group. Design used in this study was pretest and posttest control group design.
This study involved 24 randomly-selected male Rattus norvegicus rats, aged 2-3 months, with body weight of 150-200 grams. All rats were rendered thrombocytopenia by providing 270 u/kg BW heparin subcutanneus. The experimental animals were divided into 3 groups, each comparising 8 rats. Group 1 was positive control group, receiving only 3 ml/oral distilled water. Group 2 comparised those receiving palm fruit extract (0.4 mg). Group 3 received palm fruit extract (0.8 mg).
Results showed that the change of blood platelet count in 2 x 24 hour after palm fruit extract (0.4 mg) administration had p < 0.05, and palm fruit extract (0.8 mg) had p < 0.05. The result of anova test revealed that palm fruit extract (Phoenix dactylifera L) in concentration of 0.4 mg had been effective to increase blood platelet count significantly. Based on LSD test, the increase of palm fruit extract dose has not significant with its effect in increasing platelet count.
Data Pekerjaan
Pekerjaan PNS
Nama.Instansi PSIK Universitas Gresik
Bidang.Pekerjaan Pendidikan
Mulai.Bekerja 2005-08-01
Jabatan Kepala Sub Bagian
Alamat.Pekerjaan jl. Arif Rahman Hakim No.2b Gresik
Kota.Pekerjaan Gresik
Telpon.Kantor 0313978628

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