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Nama Cicilia Evi, S.Psi., Grad.Dipl.Sc.
Nim #########
Alamat #########
Kelahiran 1981
Tgl. Lulus 30-09-2010
Tgl. Wisuda 20-11-2010
Bidang Ilmu Program Sttudi Magister Profesi Psikologi
SKS 44.00
IPK 3.52
Pembimbing.I Dra. Woelan Handadari, M. Si., psi
Pembimbing.II Josephine M. J. Ratna, M. Psych
Tugas Akhir Efektivitas Penerapan Modul Cognitive Behavior Therapy Adaptasi dari Centre of Clinical Intervention, Western Australia pada Individu dengan Gangguan Psikotik
Abstrak Psychotic disorder is one form of serious mental illness that can cause a person to experience disorganized thinking, behavior, or speech, difficulties to express emotional condition and also characterized by the presence of delusion and hallucination, in which a person will experience barriers to complete functional and social responsibilities. The cause of psychotic disorder can be explained with Diathesis-Stress model, which hypothesized that psychotic disorder, is a by-product of interaction between different diathesis factors and stress factors during developmental years and cause the formation of negative cognitive scheme in a person. The main focus of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is to replace negative cognitive scheme, which held strongly by the person to be the truth, with a more positive and functional scheme. In this thesis, CBT was applied to two subjects who had previous experiences of in-treatment at Menur Psychiatric Hospital Surabaya, both had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and they are now back to their family. CBT therapeutic sessions were divided into several stages which applied accordingly with condition and capacity of the two subjects. In order to understand condition and capacity of each subject, a set of diagnostic assessments was prepared, Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale (BPRS), WHO Disability Assessment Schedule (WHO-DAS), Depression Anxiety and Stress Scale (DASS) and Cognitive Assessment of Voices Interview. After attending several CBT sessions, subject showed positive changes in a small scale. These changes can only be compared with previous condition of the same subject before engaged in therapy sessions.
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