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Kelahiran 1985
Tgl. Lulus 18-02-2010
Tgl. Wisuda 10-04-2010
Bidang Ilmu Sistem Informasi Manajemen
SKS 147.00
IPK 3.51
Pembimbing.I Dra. Isnalita, M.Si., Ak.
Tugas Akhir Simulasi Penerapan SAP Customer Relationship Management Dalam Kerangka Program Infusion Untuk Meningkatkan Pemberian Nilai dan Solusi Bagi Prime Personal Customer Pada PT. Telkom Divre V.
Abstrak Infusion program is a program that implemented by PT TELKOM Indonesia Tbk in transforming its information technology into an integrated system to achieve ‘world class service company’. Infusion program is a program that integrates customer management system so as to create an integration and synergy between all the customer management systems. Infusion program integrates customer relationship management system (SAP CRM), integrated operational support system (TeNOSS), and integrated billing system (TIBS). Such systems are also supported with revenue management systems (TREM) and SAP Financial that allows companies to deal with customer complaints and problem that related to financial accounting.
Simulations that conducted in this thesis is limited to the implementation of the SAP CRM system within the framework of infusion program. SAP CRM system was chosen to be simulated because this system is the key operational system in communicating with customer and has an important role in creating long term relationship with customers.
Simulation of the SAP CRM system implementation is limited to customer relationship management systems of prime personal customer Flexy PT TELKOM Divre V. SAP CRM which has been implemented then will be integrated with other customer management systems, those are the billing system Flexy and operational systems Flexy so that can create customer management system integrity and collaboration. Implementation of SAP CRM and customer management systems integration is expected to overcome the problem of existing systems, improve the provision of value and solutions to customers, help PT TELKOM Divre V to identify high-value customers and determine how much effort is made to achieve an optimal return.
Measurement of the increasing value and solution creation of SAP CRM system implementation is using the perspective of customer. Increasing the value can be seen in terms of time, cost, and service performance, while improving delivery solutions to customers can be measured by three things, those are the level of personalized service, the level of service assurance (SLG), and varied interaction channels with the appropriate staff representative for dealing with complaints and problems with the right customers.
This aims of this research is to find out how SAP CRM implementation in the framework of infusion programs can improve delivering value and solution for prime personal customers Flexy in PT TELKOM Divre V. It is expected that the implementation of SAP CRM will be able to increase the value and solutions delivery to prime personal customers by enhance the understanding of what customer needs and wants to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

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