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IKAWARY Socializes STR and SIP Regulations for Health Workers

The Alumni Forum by Ikawary FK UNAIR (Midwifery Alumni Association) held a socialization of change

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DPKKA UNAIR Successfully Holds 38th ACESFA 2023

DPKKA UNAIR successfully held the Airlangga Career, Entrepreneurship, And Scholarship Fair (ACESFA

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AWCS and IKA UNAIR PCI UK Hold Mental Health Webinar

 The 123rd Airlangga Webinar Conference in Collaboration (AWCS), together with the Universita

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UNAIR alumni provide a space for people with mental health problems

UNAIR NEWS - Most people have a terrible view or stigma towards people with mental health disorder

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Alumni Achievement

Soldier's son who loves organizations is now the head of Kadin Jombang

In January 1974, a child was born in the army barracks in Madiun City. A few years later, the chil

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Choose to live a life of flow and be a useful person

Being able to get a higher education and then graduate from Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) is one o

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Dedicating Yourself to Uncle Sam's Alzheimer's Disease

The United States of America is certainly not a near and dear country to aspire to. The American D

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